Are you looking for a community of go-getters who are looking to do more than just chase the next goal?

An Online Coaching Program Empowering YOU to Step into Your Potential, Achieve Personal and Financial Success and Live Your Purpose.

An Online Coaching Program Empowering YOU to Step into Your Potential, Achieve Personal and Financial Success and Live Your Purpose.

“Absolutely life-changing… My journey has just started. My whole perspective on life has changed.” 
- Alex Mead, YogiLab student. 

When was the last time you felt real excitement for life? 

Could you trace it back to a moment in time?

Maybe you were bursting with passion and positivity.
Maybe you had all of this bustling energy and motivation.
Maybe you had crystal clear clarity on where you wanted to go and what you wanted to do.

And we’re willing to bet you’ve been trying to chase that for a while because it’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it?

Some people call it your “Flow State,” some call it “Alignment,” we call it Living The Way You’re Meant To.

Life is supposed to be fun, playful, and exciting.

Meanwhile, so many people are stuck chasing that feeling of excitement from external sources—they end up either riding this miserable rollercoaster of ups and downs or giving in to living life at 50%.

Doesn’t that sound miserable?

Most people living in this stage are comfortable with their complacency. They repeat the same destructive patterns. They struggle to do anything else other than live with pain and frustration as their default setting.

These people lack motivation, they lack drive, and yet, it’s not even their fault.

If only they knew the truth…

...The truth that our education system is broken.

Because the way it’s currently set up, we’re creating workers. People who are meant to clock in, clock out, and do so without even a fuss.

But here’s the kicker: that’s why we build robots and automated systems.

Humans aren’t meant to be doing the same thing over and over again for 30-40 years, not like that.

Our minds need space for growth and expansion: they need room for creativity.

And at the end of the day, if we don't move around that creativity or give our minds the opportunity to grow or run wild, we start to hold in energy and emotion.

This wouldn’t be an issue except for the fact that we’ve never been educated on how to clear that energy or regulate our emotions.

Instead, we’ve been taught to bury them. To force them deep down into the pit of our stomachs; to ignore the pain. To keep looking straight ahead, avoiding, at all costs, turning our gaze inwards.

Doing that leads you to:

  • More anxious/depressive slumps  
  • ​Lack of productivity/focus               
  • Lack of motivation/clarity/purpose
  • ​Increased limiting beliefs                 

Essentially, it keeps you stuck.

And while you know that there’s so much more life to experience, you’ve been placed in a corner where you don’t get a fighting chance—you have to keep running in the same cycles just to maintain the same level of life that you already don’t want.

What you actually want is freedom from all of that, don’t you?
The freedom to live on your terms without having to play victim to the ebbs and flows of life.

To have control over where your mind is and where you want it to go.

All of that starts with some sort of tool to look inside yourself.

Now, this isn’t another page meant to tell you about looking inward to find your purpose, nor is this a page about telling you how to push through and be able to control your mind, you probably already know these things.

If you’re here, odds are that you’ve seen one too many videos of “manifestation babes” all over the internet who seem to be living on clouds and wishing money into their bank accounts.

That’s definitely not your energy, you’re a practical human with goals, metrics, and an eye for the tangibles in life—you can’t seem to understand where they’re pulling spirituality and placing it into their businesses.

There’s Something Bigger Out There That Connects Us

But you’re not quite sure how turning into a monk meditating 6+ hours a day will get you to build the business and life you’ve been wanting.

We’re here to say you don’t have to turn into the mountain monk recluse or the manifestation Bali babe in order to harness the benefits of spirituality.

This page is to open your eyes to what’s possible when you tap into yourself: balancing your creative/more spiritual side with your practical/goal oriented side.

It’s about taking the fundamentals of mental health and expansion, learning to place those practices into your life, and then using them to create practical output—whether it’s for your work, relationships, or anything in between.

It’s about taking accountability, and finally showing up so you can live the life of your dreams without wasting too much time in the weeds, procrastinating, or simply being unhappy for the sake of what others think.

It’s About Becoming A Spiritual Hustler!

Being a Spiritual Hustler means you’re someone who realizes that spirituality isn’t attained by turning away from life, it’s attained by turning toward it—by looking inward to be better outward.

It’s understanding that all external changes are achieved through internal adjustments.

They’re someone who’s willing to get their hands dirty and heal the wounds collected over the years: doing the deep work needed in order to better navigate life with clarity, focus, and purpose.

Most importantly, it’s about creating capacity—allowing the space internally for you to grow externally.

When we talk about capacity, it's about building the muscle of doing more with less.

  • Working more productively through your day to day while working less
  • ​Responding more to life and less reacting to outcomes 
  • Loving more fully while needing less of that love from others to be at your top form (because you’re sourcing your own love)

A spiritual hustler is someone who doesn’t need to turn away from the practical details of life in order to reap the benefits of spirituality.

Most importantly, your definition of success doesn’t have to change, you can simply add to it.

Living this way of life is about using spirituality as a tool to be happier and more fulfilled in the work you’re already doing.

If you took the time to heal whatever chaos is living inside of you through spiritual practices, just imagine all of the energy you’d have to redirect into meaningful work in your business or your relationships.

And when we talk about spirituality, we’re talking about authenticity.

Embracing everything life has to offer, being unpretentious, capable, and whole.

We see spirituality as a practical skill that can be mastered and implemented into real life—not just some “woo-woo” thing on the internet that people use to manifest more money into their bank accounts.

There is no separation between the hustle and the soul, because, when you infuse your life with focus and meditative states, you’ll discover that everything becomes spiritual.

That’s why we created:

The Spiritual Hustlers Club : 

A Community of Like Minded Individuals Who Believe There’s More Fulfillment In Achieving Your Goals Than Just Moving The Goalpost.

The way our society has been set up, we jump from goal to goal hoping that the next one will finally fulfill us, when in reality, moving the goalpost just further delays the truth: most people don’t know what will actually make them happy.

We think we know what we want, and most times it’s a reflection of what we’re taught to want so we never end up having that full feeling we’re always searching for.

So how do we find what we really want?

It starts with looking inward, using tools like meditation combined with goal setting, but that’s only the first step in discovery.

Before you can ask for what you want, you need to ask who you need to become in order to attain that—The Spiritual Hustlers Club helps you do exactly that.

Now before you get any ideas, not everyone has to carry around Lotus beads and be a monk in order to become a Spiritual Hustler.

Yes, Dave, the founder of YogiLab spent some time living life in extended solitude to discover his own connections, but he’s always taken spirituality from a practical standpoint.

He knew that there’s this undeniable link between the mind and the material world.

The Spiritual Hustlers Club (SHC) is not only the fast track to physical, emotional, and mental health, it’s where our internal and external worlds converge to work together.

We’re a global community of like-minded achievers who believe that there needs to be a place to train all aspects of the body and mind in order to live a fulfilled life: whether that be financially or relationally.

In whatever way you choose to use this superpower you were gifted at birth, it’s your time to step out of the shadows—to dream big, live big, and give back.
“A totally different way of overcoming your problems and anxiety in life… A path towards peace and happiness.”
- Steven Blake, YogiLab student.

Find out why YogiLab students call our coaching

Absolutely life changing.

While in the SHC you’ll learn to:

  • ​Live fully into personal freedom so it’s you who’s making the decisions, no one else
  • ​Create clarity around your vision and purpose to break out of destructive patterns
  • Develop a bulletproof mindset to keep you focused and unaffected by the challenges               the outside world presents to you
  • ​Harness the abundance and prosperity of life without being a toxic optimist
  • Rekindle that desire to chase fulfillment and no longer fall into the mudpit of                           mundanity
  • ​Regenerate the excitement you once felt about life

And all of this while receiving the love, support, and accountability of a community who cares about your personal and professional growth.

Even though you’ll be discovering new tools and knowledge to work with, the SHC community is focused on implementation and accountability—the two pieces you most need in order to achieve the life you want.

No more forcing, pushing, or grinding all by yourself to get what you want. You’ll be put just outside of your comfort zone allowing you to grow in a safe and encouraging environment. 

“Simply A-MA-ZING! This has changed me, and my life!!!” 
- Lindsay Scott, YogiLab student.

We wish we had this a decade ago

Did you know that Coach AJ, our human optimization expert, was a skeptic when first entering our community? (This was before we’d decided to piece together The Spiritual Hustlers Club.)

Before meeting Dave, he was as practical a human being as you could possibly get: a left-brained engineer and budding entrepreneur who had completely written off spirituality.

He’d committed his whole life to sticking to the metrics and only focusing on the things in life that you could put a number to. And sure, he was using meditation as a de-stressing technique but he only got as far as using it as a pacifier when discomfort settled in.

That was until he met Dave, another practical minded entrepreneur who was rooted in spirituality—something so perplexing to AJ.

They spoke for hours and while they had so much in common, it became clear that Dave had a depth to him that couldn’t be explained, it was just “felt”.

The more time that passed by, the more AJs conscious, logical mind reached its ceiling.

Finally, the question came out:

“Alright Dave, what do you know that I don’t?”

He explained how harnessing our spirituality, doing the deep work, and fixing the inner world drastically improves how the outer world operates—almost like a productivity hack.

From then on, a series of events would occur that changed everything. Not only did AJ’s spiritual journey begin, but he had been accepted into a community of like minded entrepreneurs who helped him along the way.

He started to discover new depth within himself, his business started to grow, and he became a truly optimized human being.

Like many of us, he wished he had an established group of people to help him through his journey sooner—this realization we all had was the basis of us founding The Spiritual Hustlers Club.

A community like this would’ve saved us all so much time and money with the missteps we made building our first businesses. Some of us were stubborn and stuck with strategies that didn’t work for us longer than we should’ve, some of us jumped from one tool to the other without allowing it to do it’s work.

Even though we eventually found our own paths to success, we’re dedicated to making sure a quicker, less painful road is carved out for people who are where we were years ago.

There’s an inspirational saying that floats around the personal development world: “if you want something, you need to learn from people who have already achieved it.” The collective group of coaches in the SHC have spent decades of their own lives researching, collecting knowledge, and turning it into wisdom through trial and error.

Since we didn’t have a road laid out for us on our journeys to get where we are now, we’ve come together to pitch in and do our part—to raise the fulfillment levels of people from all walks of life who’ve figured out they can’t go at it alone anymore. entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners alike.

And for those of you who still want to go at life by themselves: Why?

Anyone who’s been moderately successful in life, however they want to define that, has had some form of help or community around them propelling them forward.

There’s no Warren Buffet without Charlie Munger.
There’s no Steve Jobs without Steve Wazniak.

Bottom line is, whatever “self made” storyline is being pushed, no one actually goes it alone—and neither should you.

When you join the Spiritual Hustlers Club, you’ll get access to the collective knowledge of 5 driven entrepreneurs who’ve proven that it’s possible to create a practical output with inner spiritual work.

My Spiritual Hustlers Club Membership

“What I really appreciate about your coaching style is that although you bring heaps of content that certainly challenges me, at no point did I feel overwhelmed.” 

- Scott Wakefield, YogiLab student.

So, Who Are My Coaches?

David Hans-Barker

David Hans-Barker is a CEO and meditation teacher. His mission is simple: to deliver meditation to 80 million people. Meditation took David from a life of poverty and pain to success as an 8-figure entrepreneur.
He combines teachings from the worlds of business and meditation, guiding you to find your own path to fulfillment.

Aurimas Juodka

Aurimas is an expert in performance and human optimization. As a speaker and coach, he’s helped hundreds of people to excel.

His own journey began after serious health struggles. To recover, he threw himself into learning, getting certified in Executive Coaching, as an NLP Master Practitioner, NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA Personal Trainer, PN Certified Nutrition Coach, High Performance Coach and Breathwork Practitioner.

His experiences have been featured in publications including GQ and The Wall Street Journal.
AJ will help you achieve incredible breakthroughs in your health, vitality and performance — whatever your goals.

Aren Bahia

Aren has a knack for finding the genius within his clients, guiding them to find their own path to success. He provides clarity, direction and purpose, and he makes it fun!

His mission is to give you the simple tools and processes to make massive change in your life.

Aren knows what it’s like to start over. After a seriously shaky start, he relaunched his life, moving to Bali and founding 4 businesses in 4 years. If you’re up for a reset, you want Aren in your corner.

Sascha Haert

Sascha is an entrepreneur, Confidence, Relationship & Business Coach. Relying on his deep understanding of people and relationships, he’s built and managed 6-and-7-figure businesses.

Through his personal experiences, Sascha became determined to help others access the power of relationships in business and in life.

He brings a holistic approach, to empower you to be the most confident, loving and capable version of yourself. So you can show up and shine!

Brian Kelly

Brian is a certified breath coach who provides his own signature blend of simple-yet-powerful breathing techniques. His Morning Breath program gives you the tools to start your day with unshakeable focus, master your emotions and tap into unlimited energy.

From this place of inner power, Brian will guide you to greater clarity, helping you define what you really want from life, and what you need to do to get there.

This sounds awesome. I’m ready to get started!


What Am I Getting When I Join The Spiritual Hustlers Club?

The SHC is your main hub for everything you could possibly need to build a compelling brand, a functional business, fulfilling relationships, and a strong & controlled mind.

To quote the great Tyler Durden of F**** C***, “You decide your own level of involvement.”

You could spend hours upon hours training and studying the roadmap within the SHC—so if your goal is to make your work day more productive? You’ll be able to do that.

If you want to calm your mind and alleviate stress? That’s also available.

If you want to experience a full on healing journey from start to finish, everything is available but it’s ultimately up to what you’re looking to put into it.

Here’s what you can expect on the inside of the membership portal :


Discover the tools used for 25 centuries by the world’s most enlightened minds. You’ll learn to clear your mental baggage and step forward with purpose which can offer you the output you’ve been looking for. Doubling and sometimes even tripling your productivity will not only make you a more efficient producer, but it’ll give you even more time to focus on tasks that propel you and your business forward.

“So much inspiration and clarity… for improving all aspects of life.”
- Fleur, YogiLab student


Everybody thinks of high performance as adding new practices to get fifteen hours of work done in just five hours. But before you actually reach that point, it’s really about figuring out how to plug all the holes in your life caused by energy and time leaks. 

These leaks are the main killers of productivity & creativity so with the strategies inside SHC, you’ll effectively learn how to utilize the minimal effective dose to get the maximum output possible. This will enhance performance in every area of your life and help you embrace success without risking burnout. 


Stress management is the key to physical and mental wellbeing. Without the proper tools to self regulate, our bodies end up finding the next best tool which isn’t always the best long term solution. 

When this happens, our emotions, specifically our stressors in life, begin to control us instead of the other way around. With the stress management techniques you’ll learn in SHC, you’ll be able to truly choose who you want to become because you’ll be in the driver seat and no one else.


Our bodies and minds are connected, so we can’t spend all of our time working on one without giving attention to the other. 

Most of the time when we’re experiencing any mental fog or lack of clarity, it’s in some way tied to how we’re treating our body, which is usually poorly. When your body is beat up, you can’t focus on anything other than THAT.


Confidence is the #1 time saver in the world. If you’re confident in yourself and your ability to make the right decisions, you don’t sit in “indecision”. Imagine all of the time spent over the years worrying about your next move, sitting in that anxiety, and second guessing yourself over and over again. 

How much time would have been saved “doing” instead of worrying? When you deepen your connection with confidence, you deepen your relationship with yourself and with others.

Most importantly, you become so sure of yourself that you’re no longer triggered by the opinions or communication styles of others—in fact, you learn to understand and work with them.


Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re looking to revamp, building your business and the brand surrounding it is going to be crucial for the outside world’s impression of you. Now that you’ll be growing into a more self assured and multi dimensional human, your brand has to start reflecting that. 

You’ll learn the same foundational principles we did to reach your goals and create a long lasting brand with the social media tools that have been controlling our day to day. (Yes, you’ll learn to control that which controls you. Pretty cool, right?)


This is a fully online program which means that every aspect of the membership is at your fingertips from absolutely anywhere with an internet connection. You’ll have the ability to download all the tools and resources to study, and keep them with you, for life.


We’re confident there’s nothing else quite like The Spiritual Hustlers Club. We’ve poured our combined knowledge and experience into the coaching and distilled it down to help you live your best life. Building life by design, not by default. Effectively managing stress. 

Mastering the physical body. Every month, we’ll release new and exclusive masterclasses with different topics that’ll move you further down the line of success and personal growth as a Spiritual Hustler.


You’re 4x more likely to complete a course and actually implement/succeed when you have external support. That being the case, we wanted to give you absolutely every opportunity to win. 

Not only will you have the wisdom of the coaches of SHC at your fingertips, but we'll also connect you with another Hustler to double the impact of accountability. When we support each other, we grow together.


Once a month, you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned in the previous 4 weeks and catch up LIVE with your coaches and fellow Hustlers. Many students come prepared to ask questions, share wins, and get feedback on progress made. This is your opportunity to choose growth rather than falling into the motions of another program. 

“That was simply AMAZING. Still on cloud 9 and lost for words. This has simply changed me and my life. THANK YOU"
- Rich Severson, YogiLab student.

Ready to find the missing pieces of your life’s puzzle?

And because we’re always growing, you’ll always be growing too.

This isn’t just another 6 to 8 week program where you go through the motions and then you’re done learning the content, The Spiritual Hustlers Club is an ongoing mentorship because no matter how many times you learn the same thing over and over again, there’s always an angle you didn’t cover.

And if there are still angles you’re not seeing, that means there are still lessons to be implemented.

Your growth is dependent on how consistent you are with the trial and error involved in learning so the more you actually do with all of the knowledge from this community, the closer you’ll be to earning your title of Spiritual Hustler.

Special Founding Member's Price!

  • Meditation & Mindset Training
  • High Performance Strategies 
  • Stress Management Tools & Techniques
  • Physical Fitness Programs & Guides
  • Confidence & Relationship Training 
  • Business & Brand Building Strategies 
  • Downloadable Tools & Resources 
  • New & Exclusive Masterclasses
  • Monthly Live Q&A Calls 
When you sign-up for 6 months
Special Founding Member's Price!
SAVE 30%!
  • Meditation & Mindset Training
  • High Performance Strategies 
  • Stress Management Tools & Techniques
  • Physical Fitness Programs & Guides
  • Confidence & Relationship Training 
  • Business & Brand Building Strategies 
  • Downloadable Tools & Resources 
  • New & Exclusive Masterclasses
  • Monthly Live Q&A Calls 
  • BONUS #1: Aren's Full Reset Masterclass
When you sign up for a year
Special Founding Member's Price!
SAVE 53%!!!
  • Meditation & Mindset Training
  • High Performance Strategies 
  • Stress Management Tools & Techniques
  • Physical Fitness Programs & Guides
  • Confidence & Relationship Training 
  • Business & Brand Building Strategies 
  • Downloadable Tools & Resources 
  • New & Exclusive Masterclasses
  • Monthly Live Q&A Calls 
  • BONUS #1: Aren's Full Reset Masterclass
  • BONUS #2: Brian's MB30 Breathwork Course

Now, if you commit to SHC for the year..

You’ll only be paying $33 a month in total, making it a $397 offer which is only A FRACTION of a fraction of the price you’d pay if you were to hire only one of us as your coach.

To put it into perspective, $33 a month for such a valuable community that’ll keep you accountable is an absolute STEAL for that price—in fact, here are some other things you can buy for $33:

Productivity Hack/Personal Development Courses

Have you ever seen those ads for those short productivity hack courses? Or maybe you’ve been served some ads on a personal development course?

Regardless of which you’ve seen, most of those courses range anywhere from $97-$397 total.

Statistically, only about 4% of people complete those courses and an even smaller amount of those people finish and integrate those tactics into their lives within the year—so let's say that $397 is spread across the year at $33 a month.

Even if you do get to that point, what are the odds that those courses have done you any good?
Almost all of them follow this short and punchy format which is great for consuming content, but let me ask you this: without any external help, are those tactics going to be used correctly?

AND even if you do use them correctly, those tactics will only give you an extra 15 minutes a day to procrastinate.
Studies show that time is almost never the issue when it comes to productivity, it’s overcoming self sabotage—and the only way to address self sabotage is to work on the key principles of the inner work along with the outer work.

Plus, they rarely come with any real support and you don’t have a place where you can ask the questions you’d need in order to expand your mind on the subject.

Meditation Subscription

I’m sure you’ve considered spending money on some sort of meditation app whether that be Calm, Headspace, or even one of those more expensive and in depth memberships with coaches involved.

Now, those range anywhere from $10-$97 a month in subscriptions but again, let’s stay on the conservative side and call it $33 for the month.

While we believe that meditation is a huge component to starting your spiritual journey, you’re only scratching the surface of the inner work that needs to be addressed.

And most of the time, people who are buying into these meditation subscriptions are really only doing it because well…everyone else is.

They’re just checking off another box on the long list of “shoulds” rather than embodying and benefiting from the practice as a whole. This doesn’t change your life—it just adds more “doing”, leading to more stress and less actual results.

At that point, is the subscription really worth it?

Spotify & iTunes Music Membership

Lots of people now are looking to podcasts as their form of personal development consumption. Almost every entrepreneur, coach, or consultant has made some sort of appearance on a podcast to share their collective knowledge with the world.

Maybe you’d choose one or the other, but let's just say you’re intent on making sure you’ve got every single podcast at your disposal—so you’ve decided to invest in both Spotify and iTunes.

Now that you have access to all of that collective knowledge, who do you listen to? What episodes are for you? And most importantly, where’s the information you’re looking for?

Well, you need to spend hours and hours listening to these podcasts, shuffling through all the information only to find the bits and pieces of information you’re looking for. And while the treasure hunt you’d embark on would be fun in it’s own way, you don’t have all that time to waste digging into 100+ hours of back and forth questions on a podcast.

If anything, what you’d find on podcasts is only a fraction of the knowledge you’d get from what we’ve put into the Spiritual Hustlers Club. Not only that, we’ve also distilled down that knowledge into consumable content so you’re not spending your time shuffling through hour-long episodes.

Get all the information you need, NOT in podcast format.

Book For A Year & Get Over $300 in 
Bonus Courses & Master Classes!

  • MB30 - A 30 Day Online Breathwork Immersion with Breath Coach, Brian Kelly ($197 Value)
  • Full Reset: Roadmap to Life Redesign Workshop with Aren Bahia ($99 Value)
“Absolutely life-changing… My journey has just started. My whole perspective on life has changed.” 
- Shanti Montgomery, YogiLab student. 

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