An Online Coaching Program Empowering YOU to Step into Your Potential, Achieve Personal and Financial Success and Live Your Purpose.

“Absolutely life-changing… My journey has just started. My whole perspective on life has changed.” 
- Alex Mead, YogiLab student. 

When was the last time you felt really excited about your life? 

Busting with clarity and passion. Buzzing with energy and positive vibes. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

But most of us only get glimpses of that feeling. The rest of the time, there’s something holding us back. Getting in the way of our dreams. Keeping us small. 

If you:

  • Feel like your goals are out of reach
  • Lack clarity, focus or direction 
  • ​Bury yourself under limiting beliefs
  • ​Want to make a difference in the world
  • ​Need accountability to help you take charge of your life

You’re in the right place.

Welcome to the Spiritual Hustlers Club!

A global community of like-minded achievers. It’s your time to step out of the shadows. To dream big, live big and give back.

You’ll learn to:

  • ​Experience personal freedom
  • ​Clarify your vision
  • ​Develop a bulletproof mindset 
  • ​Enjoy abundance and prosperity
  • ​Feel supported on your journey
  • ​Rekindle the excitement you once felt about life

Find out why YogiLab students call our coachingAbsolutely life changing.


When we talk about spirituality, we’re talking about authenticity.
Embracing everything life has to offer.
Being unpretentious, capable and whole.

In the Spiritual Hustler’s Club, we see spirituality as a practical skill. There is no separation between the hustle and the soul. Because, when you infuse your life with focus and meditative states, you’ll discover that everything becomes spiritual.

And that’s the most badass way there is to develop your potential!

“A totally different way of overcoming your problems and anxiety in life… A path towards peace and happiness.”
- Steven Blake, YogiLab student.


From mindset and strategy to productivity and lifestyle, you’ll learn skills to help you succeed. You’ll improve your physical and emotional wellbeing, relationships, income, and happiness. You’ll do the inner and outer work necessary to achieve your dreams.

You’ll discover that, when practicality and spirituality meet... 
magic happens.

“Simply A-MA-ZING! This has changed me, and my life!!!” 
- Lindsay Scott, YogiLab student.

My Spiritual Hustlers Club Membership

“What I really appreciate about your coaching style is that although you bring heaps of content that certainly challenges me, at no point did I feel overwhelmed.” 

- Scott Wakefield, YogiLab student.



You’ll improve your physical and emotional wellbeing, relationships, income, and happiness. You’ll do the inner and outer work necessary to achieve your dreams.


With strategies for business and personal growth from coaches who run 6, 7, and 8 figure businesses, you’ll have more tools at your fingertips than most people have access to in their lifetime.


Make powerful connections with like-minded people. Ask questions, build friendships and get the motivation and support you need to take the next steps forward. 


One of the single most important elements for success. Take ownership of your journey, define your goals and achieve excellence.



There isn’t one. Sign up today, cancel any time. We promise there will never be any hidden costs. You can pay monthly, or if you’re committed to making a massive change right away, complete one annual payment, saving you 53%.

What’s more, we’re so confident that Spiritual Hustlers Club will add value to your life, if you feel that's not the case, let us know and we’ll refund you.

“Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart Dave & the entire YogiLab team. You saved my life. Seriously.” 
- Cora Thayer, YogiLab student.

Ready to unleash your inner power and uncover your best life?



Discover tools used for 25 centuries by the world’s most enlightened minds. Clear your mental baggage and step forward with purpose.

“So much inspiration and clarity… for improving all aspects of life.” 
- Fleur, YogiLab student.


Implement techniques that enhance performance in every area of your life. Embrace success without risking burnout. Grow the abundance, joy and happiness you were born to enjoy.


Stress management is the key to physical and mental wellbeing and longevity. And it’s scientifically proven to alter gene expression. Which means you really can choose who you want to become!


Learn how to optimize your physical body to support your inner growth. Be well, feel well, and look great as you apply biohacks and self-care to support your growth.


Improve your connection with yourself. Learn how to build trust in business. Deepen intimacy in personal relationships, and bring your best self to the world.

“That was simply AMAZING. Still on cloud 9 and lost for words. This has simply changed me and my life. THANK YOU" 
- Rich Severson, YogiLab student.


Powerful long-term tactics, goal-setting and branding. Build your business from the ground up, or expand to meet your goals. Whatever your starting point, you’ll learn to thrive.


This is a fully online program. Learn from home, on the go, or wherever you choose. Download tools and resources to study, and keep them for life. Come back to them anytime you need.


Spiritual Hustlers Club is brand new for 2021. We’re confident there’s nothing else quite like it. We’ve poured our combined knowledge and experience into the coaching, and distilled it down to help you live your best life.


Not only will you have us, but we'll also connect you with another Hustler to double the impact of accountability. When we support each other we grow together. 


Catch up LIVE with your coaches and fellow Hustlers, ask your questions, share your wins and get feedback on your progress. We can’t wait to meet you!

“So this is what a path to transformation might look like when distilled down to its essence! Thanks for the overview. It's given me clarity and a real sense of possibility.” 
- Stephanie McKeown, YogiLab student.

Or as Abraham Lincoln once said: 
“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

Who Are My Coaches?

There’s a saying — if you want something, you need to learn from people who have already achieved it.

When you join the Spiritual Hustlers Club, you get to harness the combined knowledge and wisdom of the whole YogiLab team. We’re standing on the shoulders of giants, and we’re here to lift you up with us!

David Hans-Barker

David Hans-Barker is a CEO and meditation teacher. His mission is simple: to deliver meditation to 80 million people. Meditation took David from a life of poverty and pain to success as an 8-figure entrepreneur. 

He combines teachings from the worlds of business and meditation, guiding you to find your own path to fulfillment.

Aurimas Juodka

Aurimas is an expert in performance and human optimization. As a speaker and coach, he’s helped hundreds of people to excel.

His own journey began after serious health struggles. To recover, he threw himself into learning, getting certified in Executive Coaching, as an NLP Master Practitioner, NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA Personal Trainer, PN Certified Nutrition Coach, High Performance Coach and Breathwork Practitioner. His experiences have been featured in publications including GQ and The Wall Street Journal.

AJ will help you achieve incredible breakthroughs in your health, vitality and performance — whatever your goals.

Sascha Haert

Sascha is an entrepreneur, Confidence, Relationship & Business Coach. Relying on his deep understanding of people and relationships, he’s built and managed 6-and-7-figure businesses. 

Through his personal experiences, Sascha became determined to help others access the power of relationships in business and in life. 

He brings a holistic approach, to empower you to be the most confident, loving and capable version of yourself. So you can show up and shine!

Aren Bahia

Aren has a knack for finding the genius within his clients, guiding them to find their own path to success. He provides clarity, direction and purpose, and he makes it fun! 
His mission is to give you the simple tools and processes to make massive change in your life. 
Aren knows what it’s like to start over. After a seriously shaky start, he relaunched his life, moving to Bali and founding 4 businesses in 4 years. If you’re up for a reset, you want Aren in your corner.

Brian Kelly

Brian is a certified breath coach who provides his own signature blend of simple-yet-powerful breathing techniques. His Morning Breath program gives you the tools to start your day with unshakeable focus, master your emotions and tap into unlimited energy. 
From this place of inner power, Brian will guide you to greater clarity, helping you define what you really want from life, and what you need to do to get there.

Mikele Kuhar

Mikele had an early rebellious streak that led him to chaos and an identity crisis. Like so many young, confused men with big decisions to make, he found himself lost.

After walking away from the expectations of society and finding his own way, he followed the one thing that made sense in his world: passion. Which is when he turned to fitness as his anchor for transformation. 

Mikele will help you take care of your physical body, and mental health as a gateway to living a life you can be passionate about. 

This sounds awesome. I’m ready to get started!

Student Success Stories

Aafke, student on Brian Kelly’s 5-day Breathwork Challenge

“A few days before I discovered this challenge, I made a promise to myself that by my birthday in June I would not be the same person I am now. I would find a way to shift gears and move out of the painful, contracted, apathetic, lethargic, overwhelmed, frustrated and angry state that was suffocating me.

And then you appeared on my screen with a very important message: EVERY STEP IS PROGRESS. I took a deep inhale for the first time in what seems like forever. And now, here I am at the end of this challenge feeling truly transformed. What a rush to be back in the driver's seat of my life! Through the small wins and ‘ahas’ I've regained self-trust and proven to myself that I am capable of change. And if I am capable of change, I am capable of anything!

I end this challenge with renewed enthusiasm, a taste of the potential bubbling just under the surface, ready to be embraced. If you want something different you have to be someone different. 
I now have a very clear and functional framework for building lasting change and a deep commitment and trust in keeping the momentum going.

I feel more connected and more loving towards myself and, as a by-product, my self-care has rocketed without conscious effort on my part. The mist is clearing, and the sun is coming out. I'm truly excited for my coming birthday! Who will I be in another 8 weeks? Deeply grateful for this experience.”

Kez Frances, Vipassana meditation student

“This was my first ever meditation. I learned a lot from this training as I was suffering from clinical depression. I learned the art of not reacting to my triggers. I somehow managed to control my emotions, as well!

I haven't had any migraine attacks after the course also which was really amazing! Now I am promoting this to my entire community. Thank you David & YogiLab!"

Francisca Fernandes, YogiLab meditation student

“On the first day I was so distracted that I wondered if I would make it to the end. Each day unfolded new teachings and slowly my whole self was in tune. It brought me to understand the joy of living. Thank you.”

Selina Dey, Sascha's Coaching Client

I cannot put into words how incredibly grateful I am to you, Sascha! The way you held me, guided me & pointed me in the right direction is truly remarkable. 
The most valuable tools you’ve shown me were how to show up in my power as a business women. My relationship with my inner boss lady has been given me permission to come out in every aspect of my life. 
The way you showed up was authentic, honest and very professional. Thank you for holding me accountable, mirroring the dirty parts which sometimes were uncomfortable but necessary to see and guiding me in such a loving way. You are something truly special & I appreciate you so much!

Sachan Mandair, Aren's Full Reset Coaching

Aren is the real deal, he's an asset to my life and the growth has been real.
I came to work with Aren because of the relatability he brought to the table. We are cut from the same cloth, he speaks my language, and we focused deep in on issues I really wanted to work on

I'm already a successful entrepreneur, but I have the same cycle of working until burn out, and never having time to develop my inner-game or create a healthy environment around me. 

He asks the right questions, dove in on what was important to me, and I made real actual shifts in my life. I finished his 12 weeks, and am coming back for another round, he's a major asset to me being a better boss and a more effective and present man. 

Toby, Mikele's Coaching Client 

"I reached out to Mikele for guidance over making a decision about my life's direction. I was feeling stressed out and frozen, and Mikele helped me to untangle my thoughts and make a clear and grounded choice to move forward. 

Mikele was compassionate and asked great questions that helped me see new perspectives and think differently. I feel grateful for having worked with him since he showed me another side to myself that gives me hope for the future, and the trust that I can handle it. I would recommend Mikele to anyone looking for inspiration and confidence in themselves!" 

Adam, AJ's Coaching Client 

“Working with AJ is like having an executive coach, a doctor, a therapist, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a life coach and an accountability partner in your corner. All in one.”

Jack, student on Brian Kelly’s 5-day Breathwork Challenge

I lost 5 kilos in 10 days. No longer craving sugar or junk food. No longer craving porn. No longer craving other people’s approval. I’m happy with what, who and where I am while I reach gently for more.”

Ready to find the missing pieces of your life’s puzzle?

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