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The Introduction to Tantra
By learning to embrace our body's natural desires as sacred, we can learn to tap into a sexual energy and power that enchants everything in our lives. 
6 Pillars To Peak Performance
Revamp every area of your life. Identify the 6 areas of peak performance and apply them now! 
MB30 - 30 Day Breathwork Challenge
Morning Breath 30 Gives You 30 Days Of Guided Breathwork Practice To Help You Integrate Deep Breathing Into Your Morning Routine
Beyond Nutrition
Ryan works with individuals from all around the world, both remotely via video consultations and in-person. He designs customized protocols and focuses on habit formation techniques and immersive accountability systems to ensure successful implementation. 
Vipassana Audio Course
The Ultimate way to a healthier and higher quality life.
It’s been widely agreed by all the Masters throughout all the ages of humanity on all continents, that our focus creates our reality. That the quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our lives.
Iyengar Yoga
Yoga Didn't Begin With Instagram. Kathy Cook Will Bring You 30 Years Of Yoga Teaching Experience In Once Course, Yogic Wisdom Is The Best Type Of Influencer.
Quantum Hypnosis
Re-fire and rewire neural pathways, reprogram unconscious limiting beliefs and call in the ultimate vision for your life, through the power of Quantum Hypnosis.
D.I.C.E Breathing
Once you have begun your Marcel Hof Breathwork practice, the next step is Deep Immersion Cold Exposure. This is Marcel's signature technique, and is designed to prepare your mind & body for direct exposure to extreme cold. 
Hof Chi
Ready to generate some heat with the innate power inside you? The Hof Chi was developed by Marcel and his brothers over 40 years. This technique effectively changes your internal chemistry and energizes the entire body. Perfect for a pre-workout to generate heat! 
Dopamine Activation Breathing
The foundation of Marcel’s powerful teachings, we begin our transformational journey with Dopamine Activation Breathing. This technique improves your general well being, releases trauma, relieves stress, anxiety and depression and offers a host of other scientifically proven health benefits.
The Marcel Hof Method Complete Bundle
Get access to all of 4 of Marcel's Techniques and more in this 28 Day Challenge Package Deal : Dopamine Activation Breathing , Deep Immersion Cold Exposure, Hof Chi, Quantum Hypnosis
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